Innovate & Create

AmeriCorps members Bresdin O’Malley and Victoria Gomez hosted a 30-hour Game Jam at local shop Gamer’s Anonymous for the Girl Scouts of America to test the format among an age group of 10 to 14 year olds for STEM.

The girls were split into 3 teams of three and given the resources and a theme of “Summer Vacation.” Each team was responsible for their game design, writing, art and programming which required group work and communication. We held several check in presentations during each day as well as final presentation at the end to show off each team’s game. This format was also used to create board games in the same similar style.


Innovate & Create is at the intersection of art and science, through the use of design. It is a hands-on environment that will allow you to play, experiment, and tinker your way.

We focus on 21st century technologies, so the girl scouts can experience build the future. We offer a summer camp that focuses on on STEAM related activities and will empower and encourage through discovery and fun!

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MEATS of STEAM Podcast

So many topics so little time. Meet Victoria, Bresdin, and Anthony as they take girls on a perilous journey through STEM talking about whatever comes to mind.
Have a listen and be ready for lots of laughs. This is STEM, our way!

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